How to Medical Roleplay on the GTA server

Hi from SAMS, your friendly Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses on TRP. This guide will be your friend to help you through interactions with us when you or someone you know will end up getting hurt and needing medical treatment.

Medical RP is both voice and text-based roleplay. Whether you’re unconscious or not, when you are downed before you hit your life alert, press your G key and input your injuries for medical staff to see your injuries. Then press your E key to hit your life alert.

Once EMS or PD are on scene, use the /me command, as an example: /me your injuries or condition. Use T key or if this isn’t working use your F8 key and do the me command without the leading slash (/).

Before EMS arrives on the scene, you need to make a decision of whether or not you’re awake or unconscious. If your injuries are severe enough in your eyes, you may be unconscious. Go to Page 2 for scenario-based descriptions of how a typical medical scene could play out with medical staff.

Paramedic: On scene once police clear the location. They’ll stabilize and transport (with consent).

Nurse: Responsible for assisting medical treatment of physical injuries. They're capable of assisting doctors with surgery and if they are a nurse practitioner, they can prescribe medications.

Doctor: Responsible for full medical treatment of physical injuries. They’re capable of performing surgery and prescribing medications.

Your trip doesn’t always have to end at the hospital. We've provided an example of what a typical medical staff interaction could look like -

SAMS: Hey, can you hear me?

If you're conscious If you're unconscious
You: Yeah I can hear you You: /me is unconscious
SAMS: Great! I’m Paramedic (their name), what’s going on with you today? SAMS: The patient isn’t responsive, checking for a pulse.
You: Hi (their name), (start explaining injuries) At this point, decide whether or not you're alive (Continue onto Step 1)
Continue onto Step 2

EMS will need more information about your character’s current state of condition. This can be described using: /me your pulse and respirations.

Pulse (Heart Rate)

  1. Is the pulse strong, weak or not present? (No pulse, keep in mind indicates your character is on their way to death (or is already dead) and should consider how this will affect your character, refer to Permanent Death below).
  2. If you like to be specific with numbers:
    1. Weak/Low Pulse: < 60 bpm (beats per minute)
    2. Rapid/High Pulse: > 100 bpm (beats per minute)

Respirations (Breathing)

  1. Are you breathing regularly, is it shallow (not getting full breaths in), or absent? (If you’re not breathing, you will eventually become pulseless and need to consider permanent death.)
  2. If you like to be specific with numbers:
    1. Weak/Low Respirations: < 12 bpm (breaths per minute)
    2. Rapid/High Respirations: > 24 bpm (breaths per minute)

Example of what you could type: /me has a weak pulse and shallow breathing

Now is the time to address your injuries that caused you to become a medical (downed as a player) whether it's gunshot wounds, falling, forgetting to eat, etc. Conveying your injuries is your responsibility, not the responsibility of EMS. EMS/Doctors are there to treat injuries not decide your injuries, that’s powergaming and that’s bad.

Unconscious Response: Gunshots with T&T (Through and through) & Lodged /me 3 gunshot wounds, 2 T&T and 1 lodged. 1 in the abdomen, 1 in the chest. 1 lodged in the right shoulder. Significant bleeding.

Conscious Response: Gunshots all lodged Verbally spoken: I got shot. I think there’s one in my stomach, one in my chest and one in my leg. I don’t think they went through, not feeling so good.

EMS should start attempting to stabilize you, meaning they will “revive” you, to stop you from being “ALS’d”.

“ALS” is when your character respawns at the nearest hospital after not being resuscitated, wiping you of your memory of events leading up to your medical.

Note: You don’t have to go to the hospital. While it’s strongly encouraged by first responders, you’re never obligated (unless you’re unconscious). Just RP your injuries appropriately.

This step only applies if you opted to be taken to the hospital for further treatment or you’re unconscious. EMS will attempt to move you into the ambulance, you may be required to physically walk your character over to the ambulance and also walk out of it when arriving at the hospital. If this happens, treat it as if EMS has put you on a stretcher for RP purposes.

EMS will likely perform treatment on scene but never perform full blown surgeries on scene. That’s the responsibility of the player doctors. If no player doctors are on duty, you’ll be treated by “Local Doctors” and your character’s treatment is in your hands through Text RP.

All you need to do is just RP out your injuries and treatment plan. Then indicate if you’re going to Recovery or be admitted into ICU.

You’ll likely be taken to an OR for surgery. To lay on the bed, look at it and press your E key. Press your DELETE key to get out of bed. To sit on the bed, stand on top to the edge of it and /e sitchair.

EMS will hand you over to player doctors or nurses on duty or to “Local Doctors”. EMS will describe with little or in depth detail of your condition. The level of detail at every stage in this process is entirely up to you.

Regardless of your character’s conscious state, the doctor on duty will always engage in RP exchange through voice, just like EMS. Pay attention as they’re going to be prompting you for information during this time. Here's an example -

SAMS: Hi, I’m Dr. (their name). Let’s get some imaging to see where these bullets are and if any internal damage is present.

You: /me all 3 bullets remain and need to be carefully removed. No damage to organs or complications.

SAMS: Looks like we can get these bullets. Cleaning the area, applying some lidocaine before extraction.

At this point, bullet removal and final treatment can go many ways. You could keep it simple and allow the doctor to complete the work with no complications, or you can throw a curveball.

Example of complicating things

SAMS: I’ve got the forceps gripped on the first bullet. Extracting now.

Doctor may pause here as a vocal queue. Allows you to add complications to your surgery.

You (the local doc): /me the bullet comes out easily but reveals a nicked vein. Bleeding substantially. Vitals drop.

You can see that if you continue to spiral in your surgery, it allows the procedure to get messy and allows for deeper medical roleplay. Or to the point where you might kill your character off.

SAMS: Looks like we’ve got all the bullets removed, entry wounds sutured and the patient's vitals look stable.

If you’ve been unconscious during the entirety of your surgery, you can choose to wake up at any time, provided you’re not sedated already. Doctor might say “Let’s give some time for the sedatives to wear off” to indicate that it’s safe to “wake up”. Now continue to use voice exchange to wrap-up your medical RP. Doctor may explain your injuries and treatment completed.

  • Unordered List ItemBe precise and detailed with your injuries to maximize RP.
  • Avoid unrealistic injuries (i.e. 45 gunshot wounds, you’d be dead).
  • Don’t use your phone during treatment. It can break immersion and disrespect the other players around you.
  • Keep things realistic. We can’t reattach severed heads, or anything to that extent.
  • Think about your medical status (i.e. if you’ve got a breathing tube in your throat, you wouldn’t be talking).
  • Consider long term injury impact. If you broke your leg, maybe use an injured walk style.
  • Lower your VOIP to whisper (white mic icon) when in the back of the hospital. Even if you’re just visiting a friend.
  • We’re here to roleplay, please be considerate and respectful when interacting with medical staff.
  • “Local Doctors” are invisible NPCs to take care of injuries when no player doctors are on duty. These interactions are where you play the part of your own doctor with /me.
  • Framework issues can sometimes make things weird. Do your best to suspend disbelief when that happens. I.e. If you see someone 10ft away and an EMS is reviving the air in your eyes.
  • EMS are not doctors. They have somewhat a limited scope of care. They won’t perform surgery, they’ll call for “Local Doctors” if a player doctor isn’t available to treat you.
  • Remember there are server rules about deaths and memories if you were downed!
  • Medical care is free in this state!

If you decide to kill off your character, while you are acting as the Local Doctor, the med staff employee that is roleplaying with you will prompt you as the player - if they stay alive or die. It is important to make up your mind as this is final if you mark them as dead or alive.

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