Business Owner Guide

  • Once a player has been approved for a business, the player will be invited to the appropriate channel associated with their business in the TRP Group Discord. You will be assigned the 'Group Member' & 'Business' role! Type !addplayer in your dedicated channel to have people added to your channel (employees etc.) and use the 'Group Member' role to tag anyone you have in the group.
  • Tag staff and organise a time for you to meet IC to exchange the deed. Some staff members have been delivering them as postal workers or government officials. It can be fun and light hearted, but still immersive.
  • Once you have the deed, here are the steps to claim the business:
    • Deed in inventory ➜ Go to blip named 'Business Menu' (usually located at a till/register)
    • Select 'Claim Property'
  • There are four main blips for most business:
    • Business Menu - This blip is utilized to claim or unclaim properties, as well as display your business being 'Open' on the map. Remember to 'Close' your business if you aren't going to be around! This only effects the blip.
    • Stock - Here is where all items that are purchaseable in your store are located. There will be the base items (Example: Saloons have stew, cigars, water etc.) which cannot be removed. To add a unique/new item to the store, simply drag at least one of the product in here. Currently there is no way to aesthetically order/alphabetise/etc stock.
    • Storage - Most stores will have a storage blip. Treat it as a chest in a hotel.
    • Normal Store/Buy blip all players use i.e. 'Shop' or 'Browse' - Here players can order stock (purchase order), set stock amounts and set price. If a player adds a new item to their stock, they will need to proceed to this blip, set the price and then stock afterwards to ensure it is available for purchase.

In order to place an order to replenish stock, those with owner permissions must interact with the normal buy/browse blip all players can use. Here, those with the correct permissions can add quantities to order:

  • Right-click item to be ordered ➜ Add to order

Once the employee has everything they want on their order, they will have an option at the bottom of the store that says 'Finalize Order'. Once clicked, a purchase order will be available in their inventory. They will need to fufill this at a telegram office:

  • Telegram Office ➜ Purchase Orders ➜ Select Order from list wishing to complete ➜ Enter

Order will now appear in the delivery jobs list for other players to replenish! Currently you can only order in base store items. Crafted/unique items will have to be replenished manually i.e. crafted.

The deed holder who claims the property will be assigned the correct ownership perms automatically through the deed function. If the owner needs a co-owner and/or other employees to have these permissions, just ping staff to let them know. The owner of the deed will need to be online for this to happen! These permissions will allow for order, setting stock, price, access to storage etc.

  • The store will buy base items for 60% of the sale price. For example: If you sell gun oil for 1.60, a player can sell that item to you for 0.96.
  • If a player sells something to your store, it will pull from the money in the till. If there is no money in the till, people will not be able to sell to your store. If you do not want to buy things, you need to set the stock to zero or lower the price.
  • Money will appear in stock. To reduce coins, put money stacks or clips in the till for easy groupings. Suggested to put 2 or more clips in incase of overflow.
  • New owners cannot replenish stock currently until the restart after they have first claimed the property.
  • Some owners have reported that bulk sales can be made that make their stock storage max out. Keep an eye on your storage levels and let us know if this occurs!
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