Criminal Character Resources

Conflict is an important source of roleplay in the server and requires criminals to keep the world alive and wild. In choosing to play a criminal character, here are some important details to keep in mind to ensure that every roleplayer is getting enjoyment, whether that be criminals, civilians, and peace officers.


Counterplay can be described as giving opportunities for other players character’s a chance and opportunity to react to your roleplay, regardless of the win or consequences. Involving as many people in your roleplay allows your story to grow and become amazingly impactful to the community as a whole. That being said, a goal to keep in mind is that your character’s actions and lawbreaking should lead up to getting caught. Though your character might not want to spend time behind bars and escape consequence, you, the player, should expect it and also strive for it. Counterplay can exist in multiple forms; evidence of your crimes through scenes, involving others in your roleplay, and giving ample time for people to react to your crimes.

Scenes & Clues

Scenes are an incredible tool that could help make the world feel more alive, and in turn, can be a vital tool to enrich roleplay as a criminal. If there is no grandiose audience of characters witnessing your crimes, scenes can be a great tool to allow many folks to react to your crime scenes that your characters might leave behind, or as we like to say, breadcrumbs to be used as evidence to a crime, that could lead someone to assume it’s your character or their group but leave just enough doubt that anyone investigating has to gather more before they continue forward with their accusations. Examples of these kind of scenes could be:

  • A scrap of cloth that matches your character’s trademark coat, if someone gets close enough, you can “/me a noticeable rip in the coat sleeve”
  • A specific brand of cigarettes that’s left behind, which your character favors
  • A local leaving behind eyewitness accounts of your character leaving a crime scene giving a description just nuanced enough to match your character.
  • A specific accent that matches the identity of your character.

The list can go on, but there are some examples to spark some creativity. If you find yourself in a pinch, and unable to leave scenes behind, no fret! Feel free to open up a ticket on the discord using the #contact-support channel in the community Discord. Staff will be able to assist with scene placement.

Involving Others

The goal for every roleplayer is to be as collaborative as possible. Stories in roleplay are not just crafted by yourself, but everyone on the server. It is advised that you involve others outside your friend group or gang in your activities as well, whether that means taking a civilian hostage, trusting other characters with like minds to be involved in your tomfoolery and jobs, or even hinting to other characters of the crimes you are committing. Allowing others to have an impact in your stories can make for amazing companions, or more villains and conflict to your stories. Uncertainty is a beautiful thing for roleplay.

Collaboration with Law and Escalation

When the time comes to your unlawful character having to interact with a law officer, interaction beyond common insults and gunfights are expected. This isn’t to say that you have to play nice, authenticity is also expected for the character that you are playing. Longer, drawn-out conversations can make for interesting dynamics to be created for your story, either the ultimate foil or rival can come from having those conversations. Majority of times, gunfights end roleplay rather than initiating it.


The more crimes you commit, the more time your characters are going to gather heat, making a trip to Sisika much sooner than you may hope. Pacing matters not only for others enjoyment, but for yours as well. Just robbed a store? Hunker down somewhere to get some heat off of you. Had a massive shootout that didn't end in your favor? Take some time as your characters to plan and try again another day. Disguise yourself, go someplace you haven't been before, the world is large and ready to be explored. Plan some ultimate scheme for the long con, and build up to robbing a train or big bank! There is a sleuth of crimes that you can commit, venture out and try something new.

Having a Goal

Have a criminal that does robberies against people… just because! Thats fine and dandy, but we encourage to put some depth behind it. Give your characters reasons behind committing a crime and be intentional with your characters actions. Characters with substance and favor roleplay rather than playing cops and robbers form amazing stories. Were they low on cash and desperate? Were there circumstances in your character’s life to give reason for why they commit crimes? Your creativity is endless, build stories, and don't treat every player as your own personal lootbox.

Here are some helpful tools to utilize while doing crimes.


[L ALT] + RightMouse button - Allows you to interact with other players or NPCs by pickpocketing, robbing, or dueling.

/posse - Allows you to create a posse of people and share missions with each other, whether that is bounty hunting or Shady Contact jobs

/leaveposse - Removes your character from a posse group.

Surprise! It's against the law! If you go on some vengeance path against someone because they hurts someone you care about, and you go after them with the intent to harm without a badge, or tie someone up after they committed a crime that wasn't against your character, nor for a bounty? Well, you’re not following the law so congratulations, you’re a vigilante now! And that is okay! But it should be treated appropriately in character and it should fit your character’s actions– and your character should be prepared for the consequences that follow when the counterplay–that you should have set up already– leads back to you.

If you have a criminal group on the server with more than 3 people, a super group request can be made on the TRP website. Staff will be able to give your group general guidelines and an open channel on the Group Group Discord server that you and your fellow gang roleplayers can use for communication with each other and– most importantly, staff, regarding feedback and more resources for your criminal ventures. Criminal groups can be up to 14 people collaborating.

Similar to the regular skill options that TRP offers, there is a special set of skills that pertains to the outlaws of these lands. Each of these skills has use and importance when taking on big jobs like bank robberies and stage coach missions. But remember, you can't be an expert at everything! Choose skills that would make sense for your character, and find folks with diversity in these skills to be the biggest baddest bandits in the frontier. Take a peak!


Who brought the sparks and fireworks to the party? Wherever you go, lets just say you like to leave a big impression on everyone. Explosives are a great skill to have if you're looking to make a quick entrance to tough vaults, cause destruction, and create distractions. You will need to befriend more criminals in your line of work because the ingredients you need to make the world go boom requires some…sourcing. In return, not only your wares, but your expertise as well, could be vital in doing particular jobs. If that doesn't work, maybe consider working in the mines as an excavator.


This town ain't big enough for two gunfighters. Prove to others that those fancy tricks aren't just for show. Procure that reputation by consistently outmatching adversaries with unparalleled accuracy in any battle. Not on wildlife however, ain't no glory in being a good hunter. Tread carefully, or folks will start singing Streets of Laredo in your memory.


While someone might have a louder approach to opening locked goods, and also risk destorying some of the reward (we're looking at you, explosive experts), you prefer to take things at your own pace. Defying the concept of locks and keys, your curiosities create a stronger passion for getting a glimpse of what might be hidden away. Practice more and more, and you might be able to crack even the toughest of locks out there. Work with tinkers to gather supplies essential to your trade.


Whether you're a street urchin strapped for cash, or a quick and fraudulant charlatan trying to strike golds and riches, one person's pockets holds treasures for many! Quick indulgences like cigarettes and food, or fine jewels and gemstones, its a gamble but the outcome can be very much worth it. Careful if they catch your rummaging though, they might report you to the authorities!

Looking to get up to mischief with a group of like-minded individuals? Well you are in luck! Scattered across the map are opportunities for your crew to get some hard-earned cash and supplies to help you with future jobs. One fella is really eager to help you out, also known as a Shady Contact. Spawned in a different shady location after every restart, all your crew has to do is find him. You’ll know you’ve spotted him if you see this gent with a question mark symbol over his head. Using the interaction feature by holding [ALT] + Right Mouse Button will allow you to see his jobs, such as stage coach convoy robberies and bank robberies.

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