RedM Rules

TRP is an RP community built around six core pillars: safety, inclusivity, collaboration, story, fun, and friendship. The custom developed servers hosted by TRP are intended to facilitate unscripted, lore friendly, and authentic roleplay. Our expectation is that players work with us toward the core pillars of our community by utilizing the following rulesets.

Community Gameplay and Player Conduct rules apply to all players, regardless of the server(s) they’re allowlisted on.

These are rules that apply to on-server actions and conduct for all TRP Curated servers.

1. You are not your character. No Meta/OOC

  • No out of character (OOC) action or communication on server. Players must remain in character (IC) at all times.
  • IC conflict must be resolved IC, on-server.
  • If rule violations occur, players must remain IC to the conclusion of the scene and then file a player report. (See Consent and Safety Guide for safety exceptions.)

2. Roleplay Before Bloodshed: No RDM (random deathmatch), KOS (kill on sight), VDM (vehicle deathmatch).

  • All Player Vs Player (PVP) conflict must be initiated with sufficient RP interaction to ensure the targeted party recognizes they're being threatened, and has an opportunity to respond and impact the outcome of the scene.
  • This rule goes hand in hand with CR 3: Powergaming is prohibited.

3. Powergaming is prohibited. All on-server actions must be collaborative.

  • Do not, through use of mechanics, rules, external information, or roleplay, create scenarios your character or group can't lose.
  • All participants in a scene must have the opportunity to impact the scene's direction and outcome.
  • Participants in crime or PVP conflict must provide counterplay opportunities.

4. Stream sniping is prohibited.

  • Presence in a streamer’s chat while on the server will be assumed as evidence of stream sniping if there is a complaint submitted by the streamer.

5. Glitching/Exploiting is prohibited.

  • Use of game mechanics (intended or otherwise) to gain an unfair advantage is considered exploiting (e.g., using known bugs or using game features in inappropriate and unintended ways).
  • Logging out during conflict (“combat-logging”) is an exploit example.

6. Voice Communication: TRP servers use VoIP for RP communication. Players must use a microphone that sounds clear, without interference, peaking, or excessive background noise.

  • No external communication with other players while on the server.
  • Music played on-server must be DMCA compliant.
  • /me is a tool to communicate character actions that otherwise can't be seen, not an alternative to using voice communication.
    • You could: “/me writes: You ok?”
    • You could not: “/me You ok?”
  • /mu is an accessibility tool for players who can't speak. It indicates the character is speaking.

These are rules that establish boundaries regarding the ways players conduct themselves and engage with each other across all TRP community spaces (servers, Discords, social media).

7. RP that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS) and Twitch Community Guidelines is prohibited.

8. Players and their characters must be 18 years or older.

9. Players and characters must communicate fluently in English.

  • If alternative languages are utilized for RP, English translations must be provided.

10. Players must join the TRP Discord. Players who are not in the TRP Discord cannot be allowlisted.

  • Usernames in all TRP Discord should be formatted to include both player username and character name(s). E.g. “Kaypocalypse | Strange, De Vere”
  • TRP highly recommends enabling 2FA on Discord and Steam accounts. Hacked accounts are liable for indefinite termination of allowlist approval.

11. No account sharing. The SteamID and Discord Username provided in the allowlist application provide allowlist access to one player only.

  • Any changes to players’ Discord or Steam accounts must be reported to staff immediately via #contact-support to avoid allowlist suspension.

12. Community Manager (CM) actions via Discord Ticket must be responded to within 24 hours.

  • TRP CMs will never contact you regarding TRP related issues via Direct Message (DM). All TRP CM communication is done via private tickets in the TRP Discord, so there is both oversight and permanent record of the interaction. Players are encouraged to take screenshots of the ticket before it’s closed for their own records.
  • In the event of allowlist suspension, return to play is not permitted until CM action has been acknowledged in the Discord ticket.
  • Players who leave the TRP Discord in response to CM action that results in warning or suspension will be permanently suspended as a result.
  • Players who leave the TRP Discord before CM action can be taken on pending player reports are subject to serve any suspension time on their return before being re-allowlisted.

13. Be respectful of other TRP players; personal insults or attacks outside of roleplay are strictly prohibited.

  • Disparaging, defamatory, discriminatory, or derogatory commentary about other players on stream, in chats or elsewhere will not be tolerated. If you have a concern that someone broke a community or on-server rule, see CR 14.
  • Any player caught harassing or bullying another player in TRP community spaces or other social media/gameplay platforms will be permanently removed from the TRP allowlist.
    • TRP does not actively monitor social media accounts or non TRP Discords, however if harassment/bullying is reported to us we will take action accordingly. TRP does not moderate direct messages between players except when a player is reporting harassment/bullying therein, and has provided screen shots of the full DM interaction.

14. Rule violations must be reported when they’re encountered on TRP Servers or in TRP curated community spaces (E.g. Discord, TRP Twitch Channel).

15. Content Restrictions:

  • Extreme Violence: OOC consent must be obtained through Discord between all parties before torture/mutilation RP. Descriptions (verbal or /me) cannot be overly descriptive or gruesome.
    • Hanging and scalping are not allowed.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric conditions is not allowed.
    • Limited exceptions apply to characters specifically licensed, trained, and approved by the Chief of Medicine/Director of Medical Services.
    • Inquiries regarding medical licensing and training can be directed to the Chief of Medicine/Director of Medical Services (first step on your journey will be to discover contact information IC on server).
  • Prohibited Topics: Roleplay and references to the following topics, both verbal and written, are absolutely not permitted by TRP or allowed on any of its servers, Discord, or other hosted services and may result in a permanent community ban:
    • Racism, hate speech, slurs, or portrayals of hate crimes
    • Misogyny or sexism
    • Suicide or self-harm
    • Characters under 18
    • Pregnancy, abortion, or miscarriage RP
    • Erotic Roleplay (ERP); especially anything actually or inferred to be non-consensual
    • Slavery RP

16. Discord Rules:

  • You must follow Discord’s ToS
  • Advertising of any sort will not be tolerated unless given explicit permission from a CM.
  • Do not spam the bot. He has feelings too, ya know.
  • Offensive/NSFW names and avatars are not allowed and will result in a warning.
  • Staff have the final say in what is allowed. They have the right to remove posts as they see fit.
  • Player and Staff DMs are not moderated by TRP; Players and Staff are not required to permit DMs from anyone. If you need to DM another community member for any reason, you should ask and receive permission first in a public channel.

The RDR Server Rules apply to conduct and actions on TRP’s RedM server in addition to the Community Rules.

1. You must value your character’s life, freedom, and the lives of others (including NPCs) by taking risks appropriate for your character and roleplaying authentic consequences.

  • This ain’t your average NVL rule, folks! Taking a high-risk action must result in reciprocally high consequences should you fail.

2. No sniping in PVP conflict.

  • Sniping is the use of bows or scoped long arms used from stealth or extreme distance, resulting in a failure to meet the expectations set in CR 2: RP Before Bloodshed.
  • Note: Some allowlisted law roles are permitted use of these weapons in PVP due to an extensive additional ruleset that balances their advantage.

3. PVP Conflict: 2 to 1 advantage, maximum.

  • The initiating party in player vs player conflict may not outnumber the targeted party by more than 2 to 1.
    • This also applies to parties initiating into a scene that’s already in progress.
  • Law groups are permitted +1 to group total.
    • For example, a posse of 5 law could initiate on a group of 2 suspects.

4. Character conduct and server aesthetic is Lore Friendly and Authentic.

  • Our expectation is that at all times, players are mindful of game and community rules, the lore and setting in which their character exists (RDR2 in 1897), and their impact on the RP happening around them.

5. Players must play original characters.

  • Players may not play a character affiliated with an RDR2 organization, location, or character with the intention of receiving an in-game benefit (e.g., playing a character with the last name Braithwaite does not entitle the character to Braithwaite manor without purchase).
  • Characters who were played on other servers are blank slates on TRP servers.
  • Characters cannot be named after real world public figures, historical or modern.
  • See also SR 9: Special Characters.

6. /me and Scenes must be used to facilitate and perpetuate Roleplay.

  • When committing a crime when there are no witnesses or no witnesses left alive (e.g., NPCs or the victim has chosen to perma), scenes must be placed as evidence to allow counterplay.
  • Emojis or smiley faces, etc., in place of descriptive sentences, are not permitted in /me (e.g., ‘/me winks’ is correct. ‘/me ;)’ is not).

7. Losing Consciousness:

  • Downed Outside of PVP Conflict: Incapacitated
    • If you’re downed but aren’t in active conflict (e.g., kicked by a horse, falling damage), you are incapacitated.
    • You may speak and retain your memory.
    • You may respawn in place or at the doctor.
  • Downed During PvP Conflict: Unconscious
    • If you are downed during an active player-to-player conflict, you are unconscious.
    • You may remember everything up until you lose consciousness.
    • You cannot remember anything while unconscious.
    • You may make utterances (moans, groans, death rattles) but not speak.
    • PVP Re-engagement is not permitted.
      • Unconscious characters may only seek medical aid, hide, or flee the scene if they revive during active RP.
      • Unconscious characters may be re-engaged by surviving characters for the purpose of law enforcement or bounty hunting apprehension only. (You cannot kidnap a character after rendering them unconscious, for example.)
    • Unconscious characters may not respawn at the doctor.
  • Permanent Death
    • Permanent death isn’t required for any reason and is the sole decision of the character’s player.
    • Once a player chooses to RP permanent death for their character, the character can’t be brought back to the server unless a server lore wipe occurs.

8. Super Group and Super Character Restrictions:

  • Groups, Families or Enterprises (civilian or criminal) are limited to 16 people max.
    • Groups with 8-16 consistent collaborators are a super group and must open a super group channel in TRP’s Group Discord.
    • Groups with fewer than 8 are encouraged to open a super group channel and in TRP’s Group Discord, and those which are conflict heavy may be required to on CM request.
  • Serial Killers (murderers who have committed 3+ murders) are “Super Characters.” Players must apply to play serial killer characters via TRP’s Group Discord and wait for approval before the killing spree continues.
  • Attorneys must open a Law Office in TRP’s Group Discord and follow the instructions provided before being permitted to participate in trials.

9. Special Character Restrictions

  • Indigenous Characters
    • Characters who are indigenous must identify as a member of a fictionalized tribe rather than portraying a member of a real-world nation (e.g., Cherokee, Apache, etc.).
      • Native stories and identities are woefully under-represented in the media in accurate, respectful ways, and as such, we do not wish anyone’s portrayal of indigenous characters on this server to further mis-represent.
      • Further, we want to prevent “RP-checking” that may occur, and give players the freedom to make authentic roleplay decisions based on their character and the moment without feeling bound by the responsibility of portraying a representative of an existing tribe.
      • Tribal names and customs may be inspired by existing tribes, but should be fictionalized. Wapiti from RDR2, for example, is an anglicized spelling of the Shawnee and Cree words for elk.
  • Supernatural Characters
    • Characters may have the appearance of being ‘supernatural’ but may not actually be supernatural, and a rational explanation must be discoverable by other players.
    • Characters appearing to be vampires, aliens, ghosts, or time travelers are not allowed.
  • Active Military
    • Players may not play active members of the military. Veterans are acceptable.

10. Property Ownership Restrictions: Ownership is determined by possession of the property deed.

  • Business
    • Players are permitted to own 1 business across all characters.
    • NOTE: Properties like ranches/farms/plantations count as both your business and your residential property.
    • Business ownership can be acquired by submitting a business proposal in the TRP Group Discord.
  • Residential (currently unavailable)
    • Players are permitted to own 1 residential property across all characters.
    • Players found with more than 1 residential property will be asked to give up the extra of their choosing to be redistributed by the CM team.
  • Squatting and Territory Claims
    • Characters may squat on a property. This is not a legal claim, and others may also squat. (See also, Federal Laws > Trespassing)
    • An individual cannot claim territory. However, if your group wishes to claim territory (e.g., a gang’s turf) then the following steps must be taken:
      • Your group must have an active Super Group agreement (see SR 8)
      • Your territory cannot block access to server mechanics (e.g., hotels, stores, stables, etc.) or other areas on the map, nor be chosen with the intention of making access to those mechanics difficult.
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